Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I send in my adoption application? How does the adoption process work?

You can find the adoption application here. Fill out our adoption application. Once approved, we will contact you for our initial meet & greet. We would like to ask that the whole family comes to meet and interact with all of our adoptable babies first in our socialization room. You just never know who you will fall in love with or vice versa. 

Adoption are done on a first-come, first-served basis and can only be completed in person at our location. However, filling out the application does not guarantee adoption. We are looking out for our rescues and want to do our best in finding them loving homes.

How much is the rescue's adoption fee?

We have a $200 adoption fee* that includes dewormers, the complete series of kitten 4-way vaccines, a microchip, and spay/neuter. 

*Our adoption fee is a "pay-it-forward" fee. To prepare for adoption, we incur expenses including but not limited to food & routine veterinary care (vaccinations, spay/neuter, parasites treatments and necessary testing, etc.

How does the intake process look like for cats surrendered to your rescue?

We keep all of our rescues in a cage-free environment where they are free to run around and play with one another! Because we want to let the cats have more freedom and opportunities to interact together, we want to make sure that any new cats we take in do not have any contagious diseases. When we first take in a cat, we keep them in a separate quarantine room for 14 days to monitor them properly and make sure they do not have any health issues or infectious diseases that could affect the rest of the cats. After they are properly cleared and/or treated, they are welcome to join the rest of our rescues in the main room!